Learn Swiss German

Resources for Learners of Swiss German

Over the years I've collected a few free or partly free online resources for anyone who is interested in learning a bit more Swiss German. Here you go:

  • Swiss German Skype Lessons: Kathrin offers affordable one-on-one lessons per Skype. There is a ton of free material on her website as well!
  • Züri Slängikon: provides a great overview over Zurich slang words and expressions in Swiss German
  • Berndeutsch.ch: Online glossary for the Bernese dialect of Swiss German, explains the words and expressions in German
  • Migros Klubschule: offers language courses for German (and many other subjects)
  • Schweizer-Deutsch.ch: website that sells study materials for Swiss German students
  • Espace-allemand.ch: small language school that offers courses for Swiss German and German, located in the French part of Switzerland
  • Schweizerdeutsch Lernen: smart phone app for Swiss German learners
  • Leo: great online German-English dictionary
  • Swiss German Dictionary: my own little collection of Swiss German words and phrases
  • Swiss German Phrasebook: great resource from wikitravel with phrases and words in Swiss German, great for travelers!
  • Idiotikon: great collection of Swiss German words from all the different dialects of Switzerland
  • Eldrid's Advanced Guide to Swiss German: exactly what you think it is. Includes a guide to pronunciation! One of my favorite resources!
  • speaksli.com: a series of language learning videos for Swiss German and other languages, based on the principle: watch, listen, speak.
  • YOUR website for learning Swiss German could be HERE if you let me know about it!



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