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Meet Cervelat, the typical Swiss Sausage

Cervelat - EmmaN / If there is one thing that shouldn't be missing at a Swiss style cookout - also called Brötle - it's a few Cervelats. This typical Swiss sausage also called Chlöpfer (which literally means "banger" or "burster") stars at cookouts, school trips, barbecue evenings and even in salads. It is made of pork and beef and has a very unique pink color that sets it off against most other sausages available in Switzerland. How to prepare Cervelat The most common way to prepare a Cervelat is to roast it with a stick over the fire . To prevent it from bursting open uncontrollably, most people cut the sausage before roasting it. Typically you cut a cross into both ends of the Cervelat which gives it it's famous appearance (see picture above). Another popular option is to cut several lines into it's sides. Cervelat can also be eaten "raw" with bread or in a salad . It's a precooked sausage so no worries there! I