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A History of Rainy Days

Last week, I noticed a sudden increase of traffic on my blog. It wasn't huge but still noticeable. At first, I wondered what could have caused it. I didn't post any new material or was active on social networks so it wasn't anything that I did that caused the increase. After taking a closer look at what posts were particularly popular on the peak days, I came back with a strong suspect: Rain.
Two of the most popular posts on my blog are rainy day posts. The original one is called 10 Fun Things to do on a Rainy Day in Switzerland and its sequel Another 10 Fun Things to do on a Rainy Day in Switzerland
Now, most of my blogs traffic that comes through organic search goes to the Swiss German Dictionary but there is also a considerable amount going to my rainy day posts. When I filtered the landing pages of my organic search traffic I received this interesting graph:

You can clearly see the spikes on days and weeks with rain in Switzerland! In a way, it's my blogs log of…