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Treasures of the Alemannische Wikipedia

I am always looking for resources for Swiss German on the internet. Out of curiosity and personal interest but also to expand my collection of resources for learners of Swiss German . Anyway, I guess I was bound to stumble upon the Alemannische Wikipedia  at some point. Though not a purely Swiss German encyclopedia it's probably the closest to one that anything will ever get. Alemannische Wikipedia (Alemanic Wikipedia) The Alemannische Wikipedia describes itself: " D'alemannischa Wikipedia isch e Enyklopedi en de Dialäkt vom alemannische Sprochraum, also von dr Deitscha Schweiz, vom Elsass, vo Liachtaschtei, vo Oberbade, etc. " which translates to 'The Alemannische Wikipedia is an encyclopedia of the dialects of the alemanic (e.g. germanic) language area which means of the German part of Switzerland, the Elsass, Liechtenstein, etc.' Indeed, there are several dialects contributing to this wikipedia and it is not always clear in which dialect an article is

10 Fun Things to do in Seeland

Today, I would like to share with you my interest in and appreciation for another region of Switzerland: the Seeland (region of lakes). Switzerland's Lake Region Located (mostly) in the French part of Switzerland, the Seeland covers the region from Biel (or Bienne in French) to Yverdon and Morat (or Murten in German). It includes Lake Bienne, Lake Morat and Lake Neuchatel - which is in fact Switzerland's largest lake completely inside Swiss borders. Coming from the overcrowded, German speaking canton of Zurich to this comparatively loosely settled French speaking region feels like going on a trip abroad. That's the beauty of Switzerland - several totally different regions make one interesting country! 10 Fun Things to Do in Switzerland's Seeland Here are a few suggestions for fun things to do in the Seeland region: The obvious on a sunny and warm day: go swimming in one of the three lakes. Lake Neuchatel has beautiful beaches on its Western shore. Go water s