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Need for Speed: Soap Box Races in Switzerland

While visiting family in Switzerland we had the chance to go watch a soap box race in the neighboring village. I hadn't seen a soap box race since I was a child and it was great fun to watch. What are Soap box Races? A soap box race (translated from German 'Seifenkistenrennen') is a car race where drivers race down a hill on an obstacle course in their homemade race cars . Most drivers are children aged 5-12. Now, these cars obviously have no motor and every driver must wear a helmet, so these races are generally very safe. Also, racers start one after the other so there is no danger of two cars crashing. Only the reckless drivers cause the occasional accident but usually they walk away laughing. Soap box races are a typical summer activity in Switzerland and many small towns an villages will have one scheduled over the summer. There is even a national championship held every year . BTW: the name soap box race or soap box derby comes from an American journalist wh