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10 Fun Things to Do Outside on a Snowy Winter Day

Snowman - Rolf Handke  / The last few days have been really cold in Switzerland. It's become a routine to put on warm winter boots, a warm hat, a scarf, a warm winter coat and mittens before leaving the house. Without them it probably would be rather unpleasant outside. However, the cold also has advantages. It's cold enough for the ghastly gray rain to turn into beautiful white snow. And when the sun breaks through the clouds the winter day is perfect for some fun activities outside. 10 Fun Things to Do Outside on a Snowy Winter Day Obviously, one of the main winter outdoor activities in Switzerland is skiing. Almost every Swiss child learns it from an early age. It's like learning to swim or to ride a bike - it's simply part of a Swiss childhood. Yet, there are many other fun things you can do outside on a snowy winter day in Switzerland. Here are some suggestions: Go skiing or snowboarding in one of the many ski resorts in Switzerland; if you

Hot Spicy Wine that Glows

Hot Glühwein - Joujou  / I don't think there is a better way to start a winter Sunday than what I'm doing right now. It's snowing outside and I'm sitting inside with a hot cup of black coffee and some Christmas cookies. But what would be the perfect ending to a snowy December Sunday? I'll tell you in a moment. What to Drink at a Christmas Market in Switzerland December is Christmas market season in Switzerland . In almost every bigger city there is a place or a street filled with booths that sell all kinds of handcrafted gifts, candles, spices and Christmas food. If you get cold while walking around you can buy a cup of hot punch or Glühwein  to warm you up. Glühwein, which literally means 'glow wine', is basically hot wine with Christmas spices added to give it a special flavor.  A small sip will warm you up from the inside and the hot cup warms your cold fingers. Add some Christmas music, the smell of cookies and light snowfall and you