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10 Fun Swiss Christmas Activities

Are you going to be in Switzerland for the holiday season and want to make the most of your Swiss Christmas experience? Swiss Christmas traditions are certainly fun and you shouldn't hesitate to join the celebration! 10 Fun Swiss Christmas Activities Here are a few suggestions for fun things to do in Switzerland during the Christmas season: Cookie baking afternoon: enjoy an afternoon of baking with your friends. Try yourself at some traditional Swiss cookies like Brunsli, Zimststern , Chräbbeli or Spitzbuben. Grittibänz baking: create your own Grittibänz - a traditional man-shaped roll (you can find a recipe here .) Ice skating: there are ice skating rinks in almost every larger town in Switzerland. Have a glass of hot punch and skate a few rounds with friends. Visit a Christmas market : plenty of smaller and bigger Christmas markets will captivate you. Choose one that is close to you from this list . Glühwein : make your own batch of hot Glühwein and enjoy a nice eve