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How to Make Chocolate Fondue

Winter is a great season for fondue. Sitting inside a warm room around the table with a hot pot of cheese in the middle while its ice cold outside is just perfect. The most common fondue in Switzerland is the cheese fondue  but there is also another very popular kind of fondue: chocolate fondue ! Swiss Chocolate Fondue The concept of chocolate fondue is very similar to regular cheese fondue. However, instead of dipping bread in cheese you dip all kinds of sweet things in melted hot chocolate . It is best made in a special chocolate fondue set (that you can buy at any super here in Switzerland and in many countries worldwide) where the chocolate is kept warm and liquid over a single candle. How to Prepare Chocolate Fondue Instructions: 1) Heat 160 ml of cream, do not boil! 2) Add 100g of dark chocolate and 100g of milk chocolate and melt it in the cream 3) Pour chocolate mixture into the serving pot You also prepare a lot of goodies to dip in the chocolate: 1) Fresh fru

How to Order a Drink in Swiss German

A few years ago I started a collection of Swiss German words and had the guts to call it Swiss German Dictionary even when I know it's not even coming close to a real dictionary and probably never will. However, since Swiss German is not an official language, there probably will never be an official Swiss German to English dictionary so my contribution doesn't look too bad after all. What do you do when you want to learn the language?  A good start would be to learn Standard German. This will give you a good basis. After that, you could take an online course or study on your own with online resources for learning Swiss German . However, the best strategy to learn Swiss German is to spend time with Swiss people and talking with them as much as possible . When you're out with your Swiss friends, for example, make sure to use Swiss German to order your beer, wine or drink. Below you'll find a short guide on ordering a drink in Swiss German which covers the basics. I