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Sweet Spaghetti Called Vermicelles

Vermicelles in a glass Fall is approaching fast and the leaves on the trees are starting to change colors already. While some may lament the passing of summer, there are still many fun things to do during Fall in Switzerland . Most of the time, the weather is still nice and warm enough so that on a sunny day you can sit on your balcony enjoy a hot cup of coffee and something sweet. And what would be more suitable to this fall season in Switzerland than a typical Swiss dessert like Vermicelles ? What is Vermicelles? Vermicelles is a Swiss speciality dessert. It originated in the southern part of Switzerland called Ticino but now is loved by Swiss people all over. Like the hot marroni sold on the streets during fall and winter in Switzerland , Vermicelles are made mainly from chestnuts, with butter, sugar and Kirsch added to the mixture. Edible Chestnut - Reni  /  Vermicelles is sold in most supermarkets in Switzerland. It normally comes in big chunks of dough