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Bütschgi, Groibschi & Gütschi

Swiss German is a strange language. It is probably more than just another dialect of German although there is some dispute about this . How else could you explain the many sub-dialects of Swiss German? Every region has it's own version of Swiss German: Berndütsch (Bernese German), Züridütsch (Zurich German) or Bündnerdütsch (Grisons German) are just a few well known examples of Swiss German dialects . Of course, there are also similarities between the dialects and many times a dialect is perfectly understandable for someone from outside the region, as is the case for Aargauerdütsch (Aargau German) for example. How to say 'Apple Core' in different Swiss German dialects The diversity of dialects of Swiss German is best shown with a good example. I recently found this map with Swiss German words for " apple core " and was surprised to learn that many people in Switzerland don't use my own familiar "Bütschgi". In fact, there are 30 different way

10 Fun Things to do in Basel

Dreirosenbrücke in Basel - Jari Villoria  /  Basel is not only one of Switzerland's largest cities but also one of it's most international ones. This is partly due to its location in the corner of three neighboring countries: Switzerland, France and Germany. There are quite a lot of people living in either France or Germany who are working in Basel and profiting from the high Swiss salaries. We call them "Grenzgänger" which means frontier-goers. However, Basel is not only very international but also known for being a cultural city . Museums, galleries and a very well maintained old city make this the perfect stop for any art lover. There are plenty of other things to do and see in Basel of course which is why I'm sharing this  list of 10 Fun Things to do in Basel with you! 10 Fun Things to do in Basel Park im Grünen : Although not technically located in Basel but in Münchenstein, this park is easily reached in 10 minutes by tram from Basel