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Sechseläuten in Zurich

In a few weeks it's happening again. On Monday April 20th 2019 , the inner city of Zurich will be closed off for any traffic for the annual Sechseläuten . What annoys car drivers is the joy of anyone working or going to school in Zurich or a neighboring town since an additional free day is always well received. But what is Sechseläuten and how do the people of Zurich celebrate it? the Böögg What is Sechseläuten? Sechseläuten is a spring holiday unique to the city of Zurich . The rest of Switzerland including most towns and places in the canton of Zurich do not celebrate this holiday and students and workers don't get a day off.  Sechseläuten takes place in the middle of April and centers around an artificial snowman called the "Böögg" that symbolizes winter. After a procession of all guilds of Zurich (usually in traditional costumes) the parade reaches the Sechseläuten-Platz, located right at the shore of Lake Zurich. This is where the Böögg is burnt on a

How to Save Money on Public Transportation in Switzerland

If you've ever been to Switzerland you probably know that Switzerland has one of the best public transportations networks . You can get almost anywhere - even a small mountain village - by bus, train, boat or cablecar. The most important components of this incredible network are the SBB (Swiss Federal Railway) and Postauto (Postal Busses) which cover a large part of Switzerland. There are also smaller bus and railway companies that mainly operate regional transportation but are fully incorporated into the network. Swiss public transportation shines with punctuality , flexibility and security . This means, for example, that busses and trains almost always leave and arrive right on time. It also means that once you bought your train ticket you can freely choose what time you want to start and end your journey. In addition, there are very few accidents and injuries caused by public transportation in Switzerland. However , the quality of public transportation comes at a cost. Tr