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10 Things to Do When You're Missing Switzerland

Swiss Alps - berggeist007  / I've been living abroad for several years now. While I'm happy with my life here in the beautiful north of Peru (you can read more about it here:  Las CabaƱitas de Gocta ), there are moments when I really miss life in Switzerland. I miss the great variety of cheese and bread, I miss the punctuality of people and busses and I miss hearing and speaking Swiss German and being able to converse without thinking about which word to use. A while ago I wrote about the  10 Things You'll Miss About Switzerland  and it still pretty much hits the spot. 10 Things to Do When You're Missing Switzerland Today, however, I won't write about what I miss about Switzerland. Instead I'll share 10 Ideas on how to deal with missing Switzerland in your life. Music: Put on your favorite Swiss music, preferably with Swiss German lyrics. Personally, I like Patent Ochsner but the song that I lately tend to put on when missing Switzerland