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What I've Written about Swiss German so far

the very Swiss Matterhorn - Heike  / Over the last few years I've written quite a few articles about languages in Switzerland in general with a special focus on Swiss German . Thanks to Google Analytics , I know that many people visit my blog to find out more about this language and maybe even learn a few words or phrases on the way. Hence, I decided to compile an ordered list of all language related articles of this blog. Hopefully, you'll find it helpful to learn a few new words or find out more about Swiss German. Overview over all languages of Switzerland: Four Official Languages of Switzerland : German, French, Italian and Rumantsch are the official languages of Switzerland.  Different Swiss German Dialects : What are the dialects of German spoken in Switzerland? Great overview with examples for several dialects. Swiss German 101 : Short introduction to Swiss German with a basic glossary Online Resources for Learners of Swiss German : List with free