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Mother's Day in Switzerland

Mother's Day.

Switzerland adopted this American holiday in 1930 mainly because of a strong lobbying effort by the local florist unions but also had a strong Christian support through the Salvation Army that advocated this day to honor the mothers.

Other than Valentine's Day I cannot think of another holiday that has hallmark written all over it like Mother's Day. Shops are full of Mother's Day promotions and school kids are crafting little gifts for their moms. Florists are especially happy since many grown up kids will bring their mothers a nice bouquet or have it delivered. Essentially, Mother's Day in Switzerland is probably pretty much the same as in other countries, I don't think there are any uniquely Swiss traditions on this day. Unless you count that we can gift the most delicious chocolates...

I remember making those gifts during my school years but it was always a bit tricky in my case because my mom has her birthday in the first week of May also and…