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Funny Swiss German Words

Someone who is learning a new language will most certainly stumble across words that will sound funny or strange to him. I remember when I learned that an English rooster cries "cock-a-doodel-doo" I almost fell off my chair from laughing. Seriously? Is this how a rooster sounds? Later, when I thought about it some more, I realized that there are quite a few Swiss German words that must sound just as strange (or even stranger) to the foreign ear. Remembering this episode from my school years (yes, that long ago!) I decided to start a list with funny sounding Swiss German words. It is far from complete and I'm happy to accept any additions! Funny Swiss German Words Chuchichäschtli (small kitchen cupboard) Güggerüggüü (cock-a-doodel-doo) Füdlibürger (burgeois person) Chrüsimüsi (chaos) Hitzgi (hickup) Äxgüsi (excuse) Plagöri (bragger, swaggerer) Chrotepösche (dandelion) Funny - Juergon Jotzo / © 2016 IRENE WYRSCH "A HUMOROUS GUIDE