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The Big Swiss Coloring Book

It finally arrived! When the Big Swiss Coloring Book came out last year I knew I wanted to have it! Drawing has always been a great way for me to relax and focus on something entirely different for a while but lately I haven't had the time to start a project of my own (except for drawing animals for my son). A coloring book seemed like a great alternative, especially a coloring book full of drawings from my home country Switzerland that after all I do miss sometimes here in Peru. When my mother booked flight tickets to come visit here, I just had to add this book to her shopping list and so it arrived here in Cocachimba , in the north of Peru, last week. The variety of drawings in it is even greater than what I've thought. Despite not having much free time these days I reserved some time to start coloring - just to see how it goes. I started with the very first picture, the hot air balloons . Other Swiss inspired drawings are also available on the web (e.g.

How to Count With Your Hands in Switzerland

A few weeks ago, my husband bought a simple puzzle for our son here in Peru . It's a fairly easy 20 piece wooden puzzle that features the numbers 1 to 10, drawings of animals, fruit or other things to illustrate the amount the number represents, the actual word representing the number (e.g. NINE) and a pair of hands showing the number with fingers . the puzzle Looking at the hands and fingers, I was reminded of how I always thought it strange to observe how my American friends used their fingers to count. The way they counted simply didn't come natural to me.  After all, they didn't use their thumb to signal TWO and neither for THREE! How the Americans and Swiss Count with Their Hands Being once again confronted with finger counting, I took the opportunity to compare the English/American way of using the fingers to my own (Swiss) way. We start with the thumb and then simply add one finger after the other until we reach the pinkie with a full five fingers. The Engli