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10 Things To Cool You Down On a Hot Summer Day

It's been hot these last few weeks here in Switzerland and weather forecasts predict that the heat will continue at least another two weeks. I know many people who would be quite happy if there were a few rainy and colder days coming but it sure doesn't look like it. Personally, I won't complain. Hot weather is great for swimming or camping and bad weather will return soon enough.

If you're looking for ways to cool down on a hot summer day, feel free to consult my list: Popsicles: At Migros you can get a wide selection of popsicles (and at any supermarket or kiosk as well). Some of these have reached cult status, especially the vanilla one with the picture of a seal.Swim: Switzerland is full of lakes and rivers that are accessible and free for anyone. Enjoy the cool water (or even real cold water if you're swimming in a mountain lake) and refresh yourself. Public pools can be found in many places as well.Frozen Grapes: Grape season is just about to start. For a cold…