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When Your Passport isn't Worth Much

Swiss and Peruvian Passport This last week the media and social media has been full of comments on Trumps #MuslimBan . The new immigration policies of the US has made me aware once again that our world is still a very unequal place. People are treated in a certain way simply because they were born in one place and not in another. Depending on the passport(s) you hold you are granted certain travel privileges - or not. I was born and raised in Switzerland and have enjoyed the benefits of free travel from an early age. It is normal for me to travel without needing a visa and strange for the few exceptions where I do need one. A short trip to Germany, a holiday in Canada or an extended trip in New Zealand - all is possible without much paperwork! Today, I can travel to 155 countries by just carrying a valid Swiss passport! I never personally experienced the disadvantages of owning a passport that isn't worth much - until I got married to a person who owns one. My husband is

What You Think About Switzerland

Matterhorn - Gallus Tannheimer  /  I've always wondered what people who were born and raised outside of Switzerland think of our small country . Is your view of Switzerland mostly affected by the news, movies or by a personal visit? Is it a positive view overall? Has your opinion of Switzerland changed over the years? If yes, why and how? I would be more than happy to read your answers in the comment section below! For those who don't feel like writing answers I've created this poll. If your answer isn't in the list, please add it as a comment below! You can see a summary of the results here . What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Switzerland? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Switzerland? Money & Banks Mountains Chocolate Cheese & Milk Watches Punctuality Cleanliness Chuchich√§schtli Neutrality © 2017 IRENE WYRSCH "A HUMOR

I Found the Top Keywords for my Blog

blogging - S. Hofschaeger  / I imagine that almost every blogger has set up a Google Analytics account in order to track visits to the blog. I'm no exception to this and while I'm probably not using all its features and benefits, it still is a very interesting tool. Other than the total amount of visitors per month I'm mostly interested in how these visitors actually got to my blog. There are referrals, social media referrals, direct hits and - most interesting - search keywords that led people to one of my posts. However, since Google updated it's privacy settings * , most of these keywords appear as "(not provided)" which isn't very helpful. The keywords left in your Google Analytics keyword list are the ones from other search engines. At least, those give you a general idea what your visitors were looking for when they were sent to your blog. My Top 20 Keywords in 2016 For this blog "A Humorous Guide to Switzerland"