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The Swiss School System - Apprenticeship

Apprentices - Paul-Georg Meister / Imagine the following fictional conversation between a young Swiss and a young American. (S = Swiss, A = American) S: What do you do for a living? A: I'm a consultant in one of the larger banks here in Switzerland. S: Interesting. How did you get this job? A: Well, after finishing grad school I worked for an American bank for a while before applying for this position. I wanted to get some international experience, you know?! S: Good for you! A: What about you? Where do you work? S: I'm an accountant. Small firm but interesting work. A: Ok. So, you got your bachelors degree at a local university and then started working? S: Not quite. Actually, I didn't go to university at all. I didn't even finished high school. Instead, I did an apprenticeship . A: A what? And you didn't finish high school? S: Indeed! Apprenticeships in Switzerland The concept of an apprenticeship is quite a foreign concept to peopl