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How to Connect with Swiss People

Connect to people - S. Hofschlaeger  / In the last few years, Switzerland has always been considered a generally attractive place for expats to live or even settle. However, surveys usually point out one particular downside of life for expats in Switzerland: It seems incredibly hard to establish a healthy social life that includes locals.  It seems, Swiss people are not only very punctual and precise but can also be quite distant - especially for someone who is used to a more outgoing culture. Not surprisingly, in a 2015 survey conducted by Expat Explorer , Switzerland ranked poorly in making friends, integration and culture. Other surveys over the last years produced similar results. What can you do? How can you connect to Swiss people? I must admit I'm not sure if I'm qualified to make a recommendation. After all, I'm a native born Swiss and I've never had to adapt to life in Switzerland. However, when I moved from one  canton  to the other I fo