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10 Fun Things to Do Inside in Winter

It's winter. It's cold. Very cold. You don't feel like going outside or being outside for more than a few minutes. Picking up your mail if just about the max you can handle. You are glad you are working in a well heated office and that your home is warm and cozy as well. Although I can definitely understand you, I think there are plenty of fun things you can do outside even in winter - especially, if there is snow. However, I can also think of fun indoor activities for all those who prefer to stay warm. 10 Fun Things to Do Inside in Winter Have fun at an indoor ropes course  - like this one in Grindelwald . Visit a thermal bath or spa  - there are many natural hot springs in Switzerland. One of the more famous thermal baths is in Vals .  Visit a water park - the Alpamare or the Aquaparc offer a great variety of slides and pools  Organize a Fondue or Raclette evening Go place the laser tag game  in Laser City Go body flying in R├╝mlang - it's fun! Vis