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How to Change Your Facebook Page Name in 2019

At times I write about topics not related specifically to Switzerland. This is one of those times and if you're not interested in learning about one of my challenges in the blogging world in 2019 I suggest you simply click on. You could have a look at some of my current popular posts like ' How to Eat a Gipfeli ' or ' How to Spot a Swiss Person '. For those looking for a way to beat the Facebook algorithm that prevents name changes of Facebook pages, please stay with me! Don't worry, no programming skills needed at all! Why I Wanted to Change my Facebook Page Name I recently renamed my blog about life in Northern Peru from 'Las CabaƱitas de Gocta' to ' Destino Amazonas '. The change became necessary when I realized that the original name didn't fit the content and the goal of the blog anymore. You can read about the detailed reasons for the change here ' Cambiamos de Nombre !' (in Spanish only). The name change and following mo