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How to Make Your Own Adventskranz

The Christmas season is upon us and Christmas lights light up the streets of towns and cities in Switzerland during the long and dark nights of early winter. Soon, most kids (and many adults) in Switzerland will start counting the days until Christmas with their Christmas calendars . The Adventskranz Another way Swiss people count the days to December 24th and the big celebration is the Adventskranz ( advent wreath ). An Adventskranz is usually a decorated circular wreath made of fir branches with four large candles fastened on it. As opposed to Christmas calendars that start counting the days until Christmas on December 1st, advent wreaths count the last four weeks before Christmas eve. The first candle is lit on the Sunday four weeks before Christmas eve and then every week an additional candle is lit. You can buy an Adventskranz at most supermarkets in Switzerland. However, I find it much more exciting to create your very own. My mom used to buy a styrofoam ring to create a wr

While You're Waiting for Winter

Falls is almost over and the gray, cold winter days are before us and I wish I had something inspiring to tell you. If you're tired of the grey and not really looking forward to the even shorter and darker days, I'll help you out with a few suggestions for things you can look forward to this winter season. Getting in Christmas Mood: Glühwein - you'll find a recipe for this tasty hot drink Home Made Wrapping Paper - an idea for making your own wrapping paper Swiss Santa - how the Swiss celebrate Santa Christmas Calendars - make your own calendar Enjoying Swiss Winter : 10 Fun Things To Do Inside in Winter Seegfrörni - when Lake Zurich froze over Turnip Lanterns - explore this Swiss tradition 10 Fun Things To Do Outside On a Snowy Winter Day Flims, Laax and Falera - go skiing in Switzerland Winter in Arosa - story of a weekend in Arosa Swiss winter -  Joujou  / © 2013 IRENE WYRSCH "A HUMOROUS GUIDE TO SWITZERLAND" ALL