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How to Say 'Pumpkin' in Swiss German

I know, I know. I might be a bit early with this fall themed dictionary but you never know how fast the seasons can change. Even after a long and hot summer like the one we had this year, we must accept that fall and winter will come eventually - like it or not! Swiss fall has it all! If you're living in Switzerland you must know how gray, wet and foggy fall days can be followed by sunshine and beautifully colored ones. Food-wise it's mushroom and venison season and chestnut salesmen start appearing all over Switzerland's towns and cities. Children carve their turnips and walk singing around town and families go on a much needed fall vacation. You better get ready for Swiss fall and update your Swiss German vocabulary! Nothing better than starting with this Swiss German fall dictionary. How to Say Pumpkin in Swiss German abegheie (fall from something) Blätter (tree leaves) Chilbi (regional fair, amusement fair) Chürbis (pumpkin) Chürbissuppe (pumpkin soup)