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10 Fun Things to Do in Winterthur

Fotomuseum Winterthur - michael berger  /  With slightly more than 100'000 inhabitants, Winterthur is Switzerland's sixth largest city. It is located about half an hour from Zurich by car or train . It used to be one of Switzerland's industrial centers but now has become a college town. It is home to several technical universities and many museums. Fun Things to Do in Winterthur Winterthur is a great destination for a day trip , especially on a bad weather day because of the many indoor activities!  I've collected the best 10 fun things to do in Winterthur! Technorama (Swiss Science Center) :  This very interactive museums invites it's visitors to experience and experiment with different scientific areas. Highly recommended! Irchelturm : This tower is about 45 minutes from the actual city in Buch am Irchel. After a short hike you can climb this 63m high tower and will be rewarded with great views. Marktgasse: Winterthur is a shoppers paradis

The Perfect April Fools Prank

April April! - Claudia Hautumm  / As a child I was always looking forward to the months of March and April. March because my birthday was coming up and April because some real mischievous fun was coming up on April Fools Day . April Fools Day or April 1st is an unofficial national holiday in Switzerland where everyone tries to outdo the others with the best prank. This includes school children, parents and even most national newspapers. It's always fun to check different news stations for their April Fools Fake News. As with most holidays where children are usually the ones who enjoy them most, April Fools Day in Switzerland is a feast mainly for its underage population. Doing something silly and then shouting " April April " is just the best! Looking back to my own childhood, there is one April 1st prank that stands out. I was in 3rd grade and the whole class conspired together to create the perfect scare for our (poor) teacher. The Perfect Apr

How Much Value Has a Swiss Passport?

Swiss Passport - Deborah Weber  /  While writing my posts about owning a passport that isn't worth much and one that is totally worth it , I discovered  a great online resource for comparing the power of different passports. A website called Passport Index  lets you explore passports from all around globe. On Passport Index you can see which to which countries you can travel freely if you own a certain passport. On the website you can check out an individual passport (e.g. Passport of Congo ) compare up to four different passports see an overall ranking of all passports  find out if you can travel to more countries if you acquire another passport read news about passports and immigrations laws from all around the world Obviously, I was interested in the Swiss passpor t and checked how it ranked in the overall ranking. I mean, we Swiss can travel to a lot of countries without needing a visa! This is what I found. Top 10 of Worlds Best Passports Germa