Fall is approaching fast and the leaves on the trees are starting to change colors already. The weather is still nice and warm so that on sunny day you can sit on your balcony enjoy a hot cup of coffee (or tea) and have a little taste of something sweet. And what would be more suitable to this fall season than Vermicelles?

Vermicelles is a southern Swiss speciality made from chestnuts, butter, sugar and Kirsch. It is sold in big chunks of Vermicelles dough that then is pressed through a perforated sheet to create about 15 cm long "worms" of Vermicelles. They probably got their name from Latin since in Latin "vermiculi" means "worms". I prefer to say that they look like brown spaghetti.

Vermicelles is usually served with whipped cream and Meringues (pastry made from egg white and sugar) and usually with a candied cherry on top. It is also common to serve Vermicelles as little pies (almost muffin-like in size) on biscuits. Many people also like a scoop of vanilla ice cream with their Vermicelles, as it contrasts nicely with the chestnutty taste of the Vermicelles.

Yet, Vermicelles can not only be enjoyed in the classic "worm"-form but also in cakes (a good example would be marble cake with Vermicelles) pastries or other desserts. Some recipes can be found here (Sorry, in German only). If you cannot buy Vermicelles in your local supermarket (which is likely if you do not live in Switzerland) then you can try to make your own after this recipe. No guarantees though! :-)



  1. Vermicelles are my favorite! No, scrap that: Anything made from chestnuts is my favorite, with vermicelles leading the pack ;-)

    They're one reason to look forward to fall, so thank you for giving us this interesting background information!


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