Interesting (Expat) Blogs

When I started this blog in May 2011 I wasn't sure how long I would actually keep posting. It was more an experiment than a serious attempt at blogging. Meanwhile, I've discovered that there is a handful of people who actually read my blog. In turn, I started reading other English blogs from people all over Switzerland (and some from all over the world). So, I'm not only enjoying writing about life in Switzerland but also appreciate other people's take on things. 

These are some of the blogs I regularly check for interesting posts:
  1. Carnet d'escapades: Award winning French blog of a french expat who used to live in Zurich. Covers trips all over the world as well.
  2. Diccon Bewes: Blog of the author of the bestselling book about Switzerland called "Swiss Watching"
  3. Our Swiss Experience: This blog of a Czech expat in Switzerland is in Czech and English (yay!). It's definitely worth a visit!
  4. epiCURIOUS generations: Food blog of a Canadian gone Swiss.
  5. Expat-Expo: Organizes exhibition and meetings for Expats in Switzerland "that guarantee to enhance your lifestyle in Switzerland".
  6. Geneva Family Diaries: Excellent blog of several expat women living in the Geneva area. Totally worth a visit!
  7. How Small Is The World?!: traveling blog and website of a Swiss friend of mine. Highly recommended for everyone with a bit of wanderlust!
  8. Living the Swiss Life: Useful information and personal experiences of a Spanish expat living in Winterthur (currently inactive but lots of info still online)
  9. Mammaimpara: personal blog of an Italian woman who lives near Zurich with her English husband and her two sons
  10. More 2 Explore: Two Americans who moved to Switzerland in 2007 share their adventures and experiences from traveling
  11. NewInZurich: Great blog with interesting info for life in Zurich. Includes updates on upcoming events and tips for things to do around Zurich.
  12. Newly Swissed: This multiple author blog has much to offer. Instead of simply telling the life story of a single person moving to Switzerland, it deals with anything Swiss: culture, design, oddities, tourism and tips on how to settle. This makes it a valuable source of information for exapts and locals alike.
  13. Scottish Girl in Zurich: Expat blog of a Scottish expat woman living in Zurich
  14. Weaving in and out: US expat woman writing about the assimilation of her and her family in Zug, Switzerland.
  15. YOUR blog could be HERE if you'll let me know about it!



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