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On the website of the Federal Institute for Statistics of Switzerland you can access statistics for first names of the entire Swiss population. In a way, it is a Swiss hit parade of first names. At its top you'll find names which have been popular for a long time and were typically awarded to the baby boomer generation. (for example, Daniel, Peter or Anna). In fact, the top 10 of these names are so widespread that I know at least one Swiss representative for each of them in real life.

The 10 Most Common First Names in Switzerland

As of 2016, these were the most common first names for people living permanently in Switzerland. Many of these names are popular in all regions of Switzerland: Peter (also Pierre), Anna, Daniel, Daniela or Anna appear amongst the top names in all four regions of Switzerland. 
Most Common Names for Swiss Women:
  1. Maria
  2. Anna
  3. Ursula
  4. Ruth
  5. Elisabeth
  6. Sandra
  7. Monika
  8. Claudia
  9. Verena
  10. Nicole
Most Common Names for Swiss Men:
  1. Daniel
  2. Peter
  3. Hans
  4. Thomas
  5. Christian
  6. Martin
  7. Andreas
  8. Michael
  9. Markus
  10. Marco
In the name tool you can also search for common names for a certain year or decade (starting in 1964) or common names for for foreign nationals living in Switzerland.




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