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Six Poems for Santa

Swiss Santa -  Gerald Henseler  / According to Swiss tradition Santa visits Switzerland on December 6th and does not actually give Christmas presents. In Switzerland they are said to be brought by the Christkind . Instead he brings a long a big bag filled with nuts, mandarines, cookies and chocolates which he distributes to the children he visits according to their behavior during the past year. The amount of goodies one receives can sometimes be increased when the child (or adult) recites a poem or a short rhyme for Santa. Typically, these short poems are about the Santa tradition in Switzerland or about the Christmas season and are sometimes adapted by the children themselves. Some of them are a bit humorous which is not always received well by the visiting Santa and might even earn a stern glance or word. Six Poems for Santa Here are a few poems to recite for Santa should he come visit your home this holiday season! 1) Samichlaus du liebe Maa (Santa Claus