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10 Ideas for Valentine's Day in Switzerland

It's Valentine's Day. Even in Switzerland, newspapers and the internet are full of sweet stories and reminders of this day for those in love. This despite the fact, that most Swiss don't celebrate Valentine's Day. We know about the traditions (and requirements) of Valentine's Day mainly from movies and books.  For most couples I know, anniversaries and birthdays are far more important than February 14th.

Nevertheless, there are Swiss couples who do celebrate Valentine's Day and of course plenty of internationals in Switzerland who celebrate also. So, what can you do for Valentine's Day in Switzerland? Other than the regular romantic dinner at a nice restaurant I mean... I searched the internet for some great romantic locations in Switzerland (for winter only) and this is what I found
10 Ideas for Valentine's Day in SwitzerlandPilatus: The hotel on top of Mount Pilatus is open all year round. A dinner on top of a mountain with an amazing view can be a n…

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