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Radio - Erwin Lorenzen  / pixelio.de 
More than 760'000 Swiss citizens live outside of Switzerland. Many of them in different parts of the European Union and very few in exotic locations like Maui. About 3'100 of them are currently living in Peru and just one is living in the beautiful village of Cocachimba.

These Auslandschweizer ("Swiss Abroad") can be heard on the radio in Switzerland once in a while. There is a weekly show on Swiss radio SRF 1 called "Die 5. Schweiz- a name that translates to "The 5th Switzerland" and refers to all Swiss citizens who reside outside of Switzerland. This show introduces Swiss people living in different parts of the world and interviews them about their new life abroad.

A few months ago my mother told me about this program and I thought it interesting enough to write them an email and ask for more information. After a few emails and several failed phone calls (thanks to my very remote location and its terrible telephone connection), I went through a pre-interview and then through the real thing a few days later. The final interview was aired on Easter Sunday 2018.

We talked about Easter traditions, superstitions, the construction of our house here in the village and some other things. It was a fun experience but definitely a bit weird to listen to myself on the radio!

You can listen to the entire interview on the SRF website!


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