Alemannische Wikipedia

Alemannische Wikipedia (Alemanic Wikipedia)

I am always looking for resources for Swiss German on the internet. Out of curiosity and personal interest but also to expand my collection of resources for learners of Swiss German. Anyway, I guess I was bound to stumble upon the Alemannische Wikipedia at some point. Though not a purely Swiss German encyclopedia it's probably the closest to such a thing anything will ever get.

The Alemannische Wikipedia describes itself: "D'alemannischa Wikipedia isch e Enyklopedi en de Dialäkt vom alemannische Sprochraum, also von dr Deitscha Schweiz, vom Elsass, vo Liachtaschtei, vo Oberbade, etc. " (The Alemannische Wikipedia is an encyclopedia of the dialects of the alemanic (e.g. germanic) language area which means of the German part of Switzerland, the Elsass, Liechtenstein, etc.)

Indeed, there are several dialects contributing to this wikipedia and it is not always clear in which dialect an article is written. However, if you are looking for an explanation of a certain word of a dialect you know then this is a great resource!

I was hanging out with a couple of Bernese people and as I find their dialect much nicer than my own Züridütsch I started looking up Bernese words. I mean, have a look at the word for kiss. In Züridütsch it's similar to the German "Kuss" but pronounced slightly differently. In Berndütsch the word for kiss is "Müntschi". Now tell me, which is nicer?! And I l absolutely loved the description of "Müntschi" here on the Alemannische Wikipedia:

Mitemne Müntschi chame Gfüeu wi Zueneigi, Liebi, Verlange oder Erregig usdrücke. Je nach Muntsch bruucht me derzue d'Lippe oder d'Zunge. D'Lippe u d'Zunge si sehr empfindlech, so das bim Müntschele vor auem ds'Gschpüri zum Zug chunnt, was o erklärt, werum mes aus intiim empfindet.

Excellent description, no?! :)

Alemannische Wikipedia



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